From New York Time Bestselling Author & Near Death Cancer Survivor Anita Moorjani
Celebrated Global Healing Phenomenon Jennifer McLean...
 Empath Wellbeing Protocol Course

Move into love, joy, prosperity, health and wholeness... as a powerful empath!

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Powerful Video & Audio Simulcasted Recordings!

It's time to use insights & strategies channeled from the other side for the light bearing empath to finally claim their power!
THIS is for YOU... Now.
Are You Ready?
Attunements to Activate Your Empathic Powers
Prepare to shift deeply as you receive potent and sacred attunements. You'll be activating your empathic abilities and turning on your confidence as an empath. These attunements act as energetic keys igniting dormant energies of your power. You will uncover who you REALLY are as an empath.
8 Powerful Well Being Protocol Sessions
For 8 sessions you will receive original and healing insights to claim a powerful new stance as a quantum empath in todays world. Sessions 1 - 7 are recorded and waiting for you. Session 8 is an extended LIVE interactive "Empath-a-thon," with Jennifer and Anita for healing and answered questions. All sessions are recorded in audio & video.
Spontaneous Transformation and Sound Healing
Jennifer will be providing many moments of healing through her globally popular Spontaneous Transformation Technique and Sound Healing. Prepare to shift the deep core beliefs, upsets, patterns and survival mechanisms held in the subconscious. You will clear and release in ways you might not have thought possible.
Sacred Journeys to Bliss & the Afterlife
Anita Moorjani will be guiding you with her renowned healing journeys. You'll be transforming into your unique empathic abilities as you move through afterlife-like exalted and blissful experiences. Your wellbeing is about to be shifted to powerful new states of possibility. True tranformation is here for you now... finally!

A powerful life changing experience for Empaths...

"Jennifer and Anita are a unique and wonderful. The perfect combination, together they really make a difference bringing understanding, clarity, insights and healing to a deeper level with simple yet very powerful tools.

This is, by far, the best course have ever taken to date. It has been such an empowering and inspiring experience helping me way beyond what I thought possible. 

Some shifts I feel are subtle others have been more obvious. I feel more more peaceful, joyful, centered, with a sense of power, strength; ready to totally BE me. I hear myself singing and humming during the day and it feels so good . Yes , There has definitely been a shift between the first and last session and its still ongoing :-)

Anita and Jenn are Genuine, Authentic, Generous and so much more. Completing each other so well, are very supportive, reply to questions and comments (whether live or through the FB page). They take you by the hand throughout the course, you really feel heard understood supported and guided

This course is a must for all Lightbearer Empaths. It explains so much. I can only encourage you to take this course, you will be amazed by what it will bring. Discover what triggers you and what vibration lies hidden beneath it and use the great tools to shift the energy.

From the center of my Being I am immensely grateful to Jenn and Anita for getting together and co-creating this amazing unique course, a wonderful basis to start re Living and laughing 😊 What if all this were true, what would it feel like?" Namaste.

~ Annick Van Coppenolle

From the Desk of Anita Moorjani & Jennifer McLean:

The light-bearing empath (AKA YOU) is waking up to your GREAT power on this planet at this time.

We are moving into a time where the need to explain; “I’m overly sensitive,” is now over. 

Instead you get to stand in your sensitivity as a superpower, you get to claim your abilities as something that can actually change the world.

To support those sensitives around the globe, Anita Moorjani has channeled through from the other side, different archetypes of empaths. 

And are calling these empath “light bearers” of the world. 

She has identified and channeled through 4 archetypes of empaths, as well as non-empath archetypes and anti-empath predators.

Understanding which archetype of empath you are helps to clarify your role at this important time in human evolution. 

That clarity also helps you to know that you are not alone and together there is a global community of empaths that are making the difference.

Through this material and the powerful course we (Anita and Jennifer) are here to support you with a set of healing protocols and provide a deeper understanding of how to use your archetype to enhance your life right now...

And ultimately bring heaven to earth.

We are here to help YOU discover a new place of power in your truest nature of being, as an empath.

A Message From Anita...
After suffering for four years with cancer and then having a near-death experience, one of the biggest lessons I learned was; if I had known who I was as an empath and how important that was... and how to love myself as that, I probably never would have gotten sick.

If I had embodied and expressed self-love and self-worth, and known about being a Unicorn, I would not have been a people pleaser. I would have been able to say no, I would have stood up for myself. I would not have allowed myself to get so drained and exploited by others to the point of getting sick. I would not have given my power away to external sources that did not have my best interests at heart.

If I had experienced true self-love and self-worth, and known instead my true power as a light bearer,  I would not have lived from a place of fear (fear of illness, fear of not being good enough, fear of other people not liking me, fear of scarcity, etc.). Instead, I would have trusted my intuition, because the more we love ourselves, the more we’re able to rely on our intuitive guidance and our empathic gifts.

Even when I was really sick, I tried every modality of healing, but nothing worked. I was doing everything out of fear, because I feared the illness, and I wanted to get rid of it at all costs.

It was only when I “died” that I discovered the missing ingredient... I had never loved myself. I never even knew how to, nor that I needed to. I never learned to love my body or my life. I'd never known my power as an empath. Had I known this, and how to practice it, I don’t think I ever would have gotten sick in the first place.
If You've Been Wanting to Give Up
There is Something NEW for YOU Here... 
  • Many empaths have been compressed, seemingly tested, two-by-foured, raked over the spiritual coals and more... however this has NOT been a test, it has instead been an intentional pressure cooked soul expansion to bring your needed gifts forward.
  • The predators have been in charge and wreaking havoc... there is now a sea change that is happening, it's why dissension, lack of compassion and duplicitousness are up for review, and why you the empath is awakening to your powers and are needed more than ever.
  • The light bearing empaths are being ask to wake up to their true and powerful nature... empaths are being asked to stand in a new kind of power, to act as the way-shower that are here to bring new energies to this planet through their extraordinary gifts... and change their own lives profoundly in the process.
  • The empath is ready to slowly but surely take over from the predatory leadership... The empath is now here to deliver clarity by simply being themselves in the midst of the chaos. Not defending their point of view just living each day, each moment as their powerful selves. Now becoming the loudest yet gentlest, kindest voice of true reason. THAT is the empath's sweet spot and that knowing is what's ready to be ignited.

Miracle Healing...

"I can't get over how much the Empath Well Being Protocol is changing my life, especially the STT protocol! I am RUNNING AGAIN!!!!!! This is amazing, I feel so free. Previously, I had way too many aches and pains, along with exhaustion to even run a few steps. During STT sessions, I have been experiencing huge physical shifts and releases. It feels like I'm at the chiropractor, while going through the process - with my muscles twitching and my bones realigning. Then afterwards - I feel more light and free, with infinite energy and spring in my step. I am so grateful for these tools and resources. They are just what the doctor didn't know he should order for me after years of chronic pain! THANK YOU SO MUCH Jennifer and Anita. I am extreme on the empath spectrum and so often feel like an outsider in groups where others are sharing their feelings and experiences because I can't relate, and they can't relate to me so I just keep quiet - it's a great feeling to be validated and understood and accepted for who I am in these course materials."

~ Nicky Gant 

A valuable course to progress in life ...

"I’m so grateful for this amazing course! I learnt so many things, all very useful in my daily life! I used to be lost in my emotional reactions and trying to find out how to deal with them. Now I know I can use my emotions to know more about myself and to progress in my life. Now I know why I am who I am, and how I can relate to people or situations who are challenging, trusting my feelings. I can better express myself for what I believe in. I was expecting to have no time to follow up all sessions, but they were so interesting that I manage to listen very carefully, took personal notes and read the scripts. Anita and Jennifer are wonderful teachers! They have the gift to explain in a super clear way with examples from their own experience and always with humor and a smile. I recommend this course to anyone looking for a comprehensive approach in challenging times. Thank you so much! I love you!"

~ Claudia 

You Are 10 Times More Powerful...

Something to consider is that from an energy perspective, you the empath are 10 time more times more powerful than the predators. 

You just haven't stood up yet.

Vibrationally, energetically, you are that much more aware and stronger than the crocodiles or the sharks (the anti-empath predators). 

Until now you just didn't know how to wield your power.

Right now THIS IS YOUR TIME to stand up.

There are specific ways to shift this dynamic, and really have the light bearing empath's voice of reason and love, be the loudest to influence the non-empaths.

Some of you may be thinking; "I could never go up against a shark or crocodile. No, I don't want to." 

And that's not the point, it isn’t to “go against.” 

Your role as an empath now is not to play the predator's game. 

It's actually to play your game, to increase your capacity, your vibration, your confidence, your abilities, and to stand in the center of your power in a whole new way. 

And it's actually a new paradigm for the planet. 

It's now the time of the empath... Yet not to dominate over, not to have power over, it's your time to be yourself and that is stronger than anything in the universe. 

It's your time to claim as yourself, as the, “I Am that I Am, that I Am.” 

And by doing that, you and the community of empaths become way more powerful than any crocodile or shark.

We (Anita and Jennifer) are here to help you, to support you to create healing journeys, sound vibration templates, powerful vibrational attunements and protocols to expand your powers and confidence.

This course is the training ground for the new empaths of power.

And as you claim your power it changes your life, your circumstances, and shifts the energetic dynamic of all relationships....

I Feel So Much Better...

"I feel so much better just hearing Anita define the archetypes. I am such a Dolphin. Until now I felt I wasn't doing enough and needed to change in order to help the planet. Thank you! (big sigh of relief and gratitude)" 

~ Pamela Gilmore 

This Answered the Unanswered Questions...

"This course out of the many I have taken is the one that has really helped me understand me. I have done a lot of soul searching and always seem to asking more questions. This class helped to answer more of those unanswered questions. I am so very grateful for the time you have put into this class and all the knowledge that you have shared with us. Thank you to both of you for this program.

~ Teri Bowan

This Course is "Just Right..."

"Thank you so much for this fabulous course - just the right balance of knowledge and experience. The protocols led me in a very gentle way to my Self. I am so grateful."

~ Linda Krag

This Course Touched Me On A Cosmic Level...

"I have taken many wonderful online courses over the past several years, but this one touched me on a cosmic level. Within an hour of signing up for this course, I felt an energy transmission that has continued off and on throughout the thirty days. The whole time, and still, my usually quiet heart has been beating stronger, louder…. and my energy is swirling so clearly. Dear Jennifer and Anita, thank you so much for this powerful offering…may the world be open to your wonderful gifts!"

~ Noreen Owens 

 A Course Full of Treasure & Gold

This course is hands down the best value and most life changing course I have ever taken, I have taken quite a few. If you resonate with being an empath, this course will confirm what you have been feeling all along, and help you to realize that you are not alone and you are not crazy. The thing I love the most, and I love everything about this course, is that it give you your power back and Jen and Anita lead by example. I am so grateful for this course and the wonderful community that I now feel a part of and know that I can share how I feel and others get how it feels.

~ Jean

An Unprecedented & Rare Opportunity to Receive From  Anita & Experience Deep Healing Support From Jennifer...

This is a rare opportunity to receive from Anita Moorjani as she brings her amazing information about Empaths from the other side, for this exclusive online program. 

You get to have this unique opportunity to learn from this international speaker and bestselling author whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping heal and awaken the empaths of this planet.

PLUS you get to experience the miraculous healing energies from renowned international healer Jennifer McLean, creator of the global phenomenon that is The Spontaneous Tranformation Technique, and her quantum sound healing and attunements.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll receive our gifts directed with intention to support you the empath.

AND you'll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations, and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), 

You’ll be able to benefit from Anita and Jennifer's incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — and at your own pace.

If you’re serious about experiencing dramatic shifts that open you to the purest power of your empathic nature and infuse your very being with indescribable openness, love and healing, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind course.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself and all, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

I can now move, I have energy again & my optimism back... 

"Thank you sooooo much Anita and Jennifer, and fellow empaths.....that was and remains amazing! I was burnt out before the course started and had issues with my back. Wondering how to get recharged (3 months off work seemed necessary). I did the Quiz and took part in the free webinar. I knew then, that I had to do the course. I could move, had energy again and had my optimism back... Jenn's STT combined with Anita's beautiful light meditation literally worked wonders. The course has given me more than I can put into words, but hope, strength, courage, healing, connection, confidence and trust are among them. The techniques and visualizations are so powerful....and so simple to do. I've been able to heal old hurts that weren't accessible to me before (without drama) and have spontaneously been able to help others with it too. I work with children with life-shortening illnesses and at this moment in time with the corona virus scares, I am managing to stay rooted and supportive for all. Thank you, thank you thank you."
~ Jayne
What You’ll Discover in These 8 Modules
Many of you have felt helpless in the face of a world dominated by division separation, judgment, greed and pain. 

You may feel that you want to help the world and save the world in some way.

And in turn you want to transform your own life and circumstances... but don’t know how. 

And that's really the impetus behind this course...

In this 8-session transformational intensive, we (Anita and Jennifer) will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to harness the transformative power of the empath to reimagine health and wellbeing.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with both of us. 

Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to live a life of purpose, joy, and wellbeing as an empath.

Note, BONUS: remember you will ALSO receive POWERFUL in-the-background remote healing and prayer transmissions from both Jennifer AND Anita.

We will be working with you EACH day (without you having to attend anything) from the moment you register to support the new understandings and transformations that are happening as you claim your power as a light bearing empath.

And Be Prepared to Shift At the Soul Level...

  • You are about to stand in a new confidence in your life and circumstances when you understand and claim your role
  • Prepare to realize true healing and tranformation as you experience healing after healing and are now able to you stand in your TRUE power and gifts
  • Watch your relationships shift around you and change to match your higher frequencies as an empowered light bearing empath
  • ​Notice your health improves because you no longer require illness to drive your soul's path
  • ​Witness your prosperity and financial wellbeing shift into abundance with the vibrational shifts taking place within
Right in this moment, you might be thinking how, how, how, and yet, what this course is offering is not only answering the how, but also revealing why you've been where you've been, and the protocols to fundamentally shift it. 

And by the time you're done this course, the why and the how actually won't even matter. 

Now Thriving & Shining As An Empath

Through this course I learned how to embody thriving and shining as an empath. Since taking this course I am more aware , confident of my awareness choosing to marinate myself with nourishment on all levels. Saying Yes! to myself and being more frequently my core soul. This course is packed with processes, attunements and information that is helping me to blossom. Thank you so much Jennifer and Anita! I absolutely love this course!

~ Cathy Evans

Your Program Includes:

8 Powerful Simulcasted Video & Audios Sessions...

Session 1

**Already Recorded & Waiting For you

Activating The 4 Empath Archetypes

Learn EVEN MORE all 4 archetypes, and how to activate yours to use them for healing and empowerment in your life.

Here you will learn how to make a difference in your circumstances and in the world as your archetype (or mix of archetypes) and claim your true power as an empath.

You may even learn what jobs are best for your archetype!

Session 2

**Already Recorded & Waiting For you

Clarifying Your Role As An Empath

In this special session you will understand how to distinguish between your emotions and those of others... how identify your needs, and develop a clear way to express your needs.

Plus you'll gain a deeper level of understanding of what it means to be an empath, exploring the gifts that come with being an empath, (as well as some of the drawbacks).

Session 3

**Already Recorded & Waiting For you

Healing Into Your Power As An Empath

On this session you will be ready to discover, explore and reveal you true core power as an empath.

This is your source signature that will be found through Spontaneous Transformation Technique sessions and healing journeys. This one's a game changer!

Session 4

**Already Recorded & Waiting For you

Shifting From "Overly Sensitive..." Releasing Painful Emotions & Energy Blocks in Your Body

The empath is often labeled "overly sensitive" in fact this sensitivity is a super power. Prepare to understand how to turn this old belief and perception on its head.

You will be releasing past life, DNA, ancestral, current life traumas, energy blocks and limiting beliefs during this powerful session.

Session 5

**Already Recorded & Waiting For you

Establishing the Empath Wellbeing Protocols

There are important and powerful practices and protocols that are suited ONLY for the empaths at this particular time in history.

Here you will receive these protocols and watch you life change and shift before your very eyes as you apply them in the moment. 

Session 6

**Already Recorded & Waiting For you

How to Rise Above Fear and Anger Created by the Predators

Know that the seeming near constant fear, anger and frustration at the world and other humans is about to quite dramatically shift. 

The time for being in hiding will be over as your feel your fearless light-bearing nature come to the fore.

Session 7

**Already Recorded & Waiting For you

Supporting the Non-Empaths & Becoming a Leader in this New Paradigm

The time is now for a new paradigm of “empath-as-leader.” These newly ignited empaths can reveal a new style of leadership brigning forth deep love onto the planet.

You will embody empathic leadership as a new paradigm... leadership as authentic power. You will be at the forefront of creating something new to the planet at this time. YOU are the light-bearing archetype that needed now, more than ever. Prepare to claim this leadership whether it's simply in your family, or company or more.

Session 8

**LIVE & Interactive Annually Each spring

Special Extended 3-Hour 
LIVE Empath-a-thon Healing

Join this special LIVE 3-hour event where Anita and Jennifer will work with you and the other participants. This is an annual event that happens each spring, so this makes this the course that keeps on giving.

You will have the answers to your questions, as you are also supported with profound healing, and be prepared for your launch into the world.

By the time this extended session is complete you will be standing in your power and able to use your special empathic gifts to shift your life and contribute to the planet's transformation.

Plus a HUGE Powerful FREE Bonus...

45 Days+ In the Background Remote Healing!

Enroll Immediately to Activate These Healing Transmissions Right Now...

You will receive DAILY remote Prayer Healing transmissions, in-the-background as you go about your day from BOTH Anita and Jennifer... 

This is yours from the moment you start 45 Days!  

We will be taking over the support to create some of things you’ve wanted to change. 

We'll be there supporting, healing, transforming and activating the best version of you. 

You don't have to do anything or attend anything it happens while simply live your life each day. 

Simply notice the shifts in perception and feelings.

These healing frequencies will be layered in over and over, building strength and power in your mental, emotional and physical bodies to support your new empathic powers... and to receive the Empath Wellbeing Protocols.

So ENROLL EARLY to receive this FREE bonus... the sooner you join the sooner you start receiving this special healing transmission. 

[This is a $197 Value, your's FREE!]
That's all worth well over $998... yet you pay pennies on the dollar!

Finally my whole life was explained to me and I got it! 

"I am 54 years old and most of my life I spent in hiding. As a child I tried to blend in with the wallpaper. I felt so alone.
Over the years things got worse as my batteries seemed constantly empty, I felt helpless, burnt out and I thought that I had nothing to offer.

I was in transition with my life situation when a close friend pointed Anita Moorjani out to me earlier this year. I went onto her website and was overjoyed to hear her share her truth, especially what she said about empaths hit home.

I joined this course like my life depended on it. It had actually not been my intention to join as I couldn't really afford it. And yet, very last minute, I joined.

And I´m so glad I did! Anita and Jennifer cut right through the fog, which was my constant companion for many years! Finally my whole life was explained to me and I got it! There is so much, I have to offer once I understand my purpose! As a Unicorn with Dolphin traits, I am rather alone with my art, my strong and deep feelings.

Jennifers protocols are wonderful tools and with STT I have opened up some new directions, which my little girls would like me to explore.

I am so very, very grateful for this course to both of these lady's who have shared and given so much of themselves here!

Standing at the center of my Soul has totally changed how I go out into the world now and meet the people in it. I finally have a way of distinguishing what is my energy and what not. This to me, who was forever feeling others stuff and thinking it was mine, this is nothing short of a miracle!

My world now is bathed in sunshine, there are meadows full with flowers, where fairies dance. I have embraced my intuition and trust it so much more and with that it has increased. AND: I have a feeling that this is going to unfold my life purpose, which I now understand as a WHY not as a WHAT.

These words come from my heart.

Thank you both, Anita and Jennifer, you have brought the joy back to me!

~ Astrid

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The POSSIBILITIES TO SAVE Money & Find YOU-As-empath In The Process ARE finally here!

Your Course Details...

Dates: this is a Self Study Course, recordings are waiting for you right now in your private Listening & Download Salon for Session 1 - 7...  PLUS the LIVE  interactive Heal-a-thon  will be  happening on April 10.

Location: online in your special personal Listening & Download Salon where you can watch the videos and/or listen to the audio simulcasted sessions AND download and read along with your transcripts (downloads available transcripts and Mp3s)

Investment: $298 (retail is $998) plus there are 2-pay and 3-pay options!

BONUS: Daily remote healing transmissions from BOTH Jennifer and Anita, done in-the-background as you go about your day for 45 days!
You Will Be Forever Grateful for This Moment

Your Empath Wellbeing Protocol Course Includes

  • 8 Power Packed Healing Sessions: session 1 - 7 are already recorded and waiting for you, session 8 is a live interactive event. Receive from Anita and Jennifer for 8 remarkable transforming sessions.
  • ​Session 8 is a LIVE Extended Empath-a-thon Q&A: Work directly with Anita and Jennifer LIVE, annually each spring. Gives you time to move through sessions 1 - 7 that are already recorded. Powerful healing with the group for 3 straight hours of transformation. WOW!
  • **BONUS** DAILY Remote Healing Transmissions: You will receive DAILY remote Prayer Healing transmissions, in-the-background as you go about your day from BOTH Anita and Jennifer... This is yours from the moment you start for 45 days! Anita and Jennifer will be taking over the support to create some of things you’ve wanted to change and support you to have and empath "superpowers" in your life and contributing to the planet.
  • ​Receive powerful healing journeys from Anita: infused with her high vibrating energies she received from the other side in her near death experience, your guided journeys will deeply transformative.
  • ​Discover The Wellbeing Protocols: these are the protocols that all empaths MUST know to manage through these modern seemingly extreme times
  • ​​Receive Spontaneous Transformation Sessions: Dive deeply into this special healing process and learn the REAL reasons for your challenges and heal and transform so that it sticks!
  • Receive Special "Attunements:" These are like a Reiki Attunement, in that it activates and awakens your dormant empathic powers, and more.
  • ​Experience Deeply Healing ​Sound Vibration: Jennifer is a renowned sound vibration healer. As you heal through the many interactions of this course, you will also grow stronger as the new patterns are strengthened through sound healing.
  • Mp3 Downloads of all audio session: as soon as the sessions are recorded you will receive access to Mp3 audio downloads.
  • ​Recorded on Video & Audio: each session has been simulcasted on both Facebook Live video into the special Facebook Group (and in your Listening Salon) as it was also simulcasted onto audio.
  • ​Downloadable ​Transcripts: to enhance your experience of this course's downloadable transcripts are waiting for you, delivering an enhanced experience of this material using new learning muscles to take in the transformation.
Total Value of over $998
Yours for only...

Enrollment Has Closed

Pay Today... Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

15 Days
Money Back Guarantee

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I Reclaimed My Love, Light & Power...

"I want to express my deep gratitude to Jennifer and Anita for creating this powerful program for Empaths to reclaim their love, light and power that has been dimmed in the course of living a unique and often misunderstood life. I have cleared so many old limiting painful beliefs so fast using the protocols in this course. One powerful example would be that I felt very unloved after a traumatic childhood and have suffered my whole life because of it. In learning about Empath Archetypes from Anita and STT transformation protocols from Jennifer, I have been set free of the shadows of my past. I have released old traumas and now live in a much softer, kinder, more loving life. I am truly grateful for the wealth of information and healing gifts in this course. I would highly recommend it to experience real change in your life, and, quickly!!!"
~ Deborah Badran

~ Astrid

This is NOT Your Regular "To Do" Course!

This special healing course is NOT three dimensional or simply five sensory. 

We're going above and beyond that. 

It really is from the inside out, not the outside in. 

For example traditional typical books on empaths, or sensitivity are about setting boundaries moving into “doing” something to protect yourself. 

That's not how we (Jennifer and Anita) operate. 

The protocols and the formulas are nonlinear in nature. 

They are vibrational, intuitive and frequency in nature.

That’s in part why this program is so powerful and unique, because it's not going to tell you what to do. 

It's going to allow you to know who you are, and know what's next, and what actions you're ready to express in the world as an empath. 

It is going to reveal how to BE the powerful empath that is authentically YOU!

We are so excited to work with you in these powerful sessions,

Enroll here now, and let's get to this.

To your power as a light bearing empath,

About Your Facilitators Anita Moorjani & Jennifer McLean

Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani, an international speaker and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Dying to Be Me, and her latest book, What If This Is Heaven?, has a remarkable story.

After a 4-year battle with cancer, Anita fell into a coma and was given days to live. As her doctors gathered, attempting to revive her, she journeyed into a near-death experience (NDE) in which she was surrounded by unconditional love and deep wisdom. In this place, she was given a powerful truth: heaven is not a destination, it is a state of consciousness.

During her NDE, Anita was given the choice to return to her physical form or to continue on into this expansive new realm. She chose to come back. When she regained consciousness, the cancer that had caused her organs to shut down, began to heal. To the amazement of her doctors, she was free of countless tumors and cancer indicators within weeks.

Anita’s NDE has captured the hearts and attention of millions across the globe. She has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, The Today Show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, the National Geographic Channel, The Pearl Report in Hong Kong, Headstart with Karen Davila in the Philippines, and many others.

Today, Anita, who lives in the United States with her husband Danny, continues to share her incredible story and lessons internationally. Dying to Be Me has sold millions of copies worldwide, has been translated into 45 languages, and has received numerous offers from Hollywood to be made into a full-length feature film.

Prior to her cancer diagnosis, Anita lived in Hong Kong and worked in the corporate world for several years. She was born in Singapore of Indian parents and grew up speaking English, Cantonese, and an Indian dialect simultaneously.

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant: “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT),” that delivers instant transformation and healing.

For more than two decades, this innovative healing modality has helped tens of thousands of individuals shift held energy in the body. Individuals have been able to liberate themselves from old hurts, and patterns of obstacles that lead to disease and upset, and create new neural pathways and patterns of Quantum Wholeness. With almost 1000 STT Practitioners in this unique system, it is quickly becoming a “go to” for creating real change in extreme times. 

Jennifer also has an uncanny knack for assisting healers in discovering their personal unique healing modality. Activating this, and helping them develop their proprietary system of healing, just like she did for herself developing The Spontaneous Transformation Technique.

Jennifer has appeared on FOX, ABC, CBS, and online summits and is covered in renowned media publications. STT and other healing philosophies are covered in her 5 best selling books and dozens of online healing programs.

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